Luckily I love it…I found out today that it’s excellent for increasing vit b intake as it’s rich in them. Admittedly you would probably have to a whole jar to get any real benefit…but every little helps…and if you do like it, it’s the right time of year to have it warm and dripping through the holes on a hot, buttered crumpet. Yum…we it does it for me anyway. Xx

Me too! (inevitably) On hot buttered toast. On ryvita when trying to make up for the tobbies. Cheese and marmite sandwiches cut into small squares when poorly (just like mummy made). The possibilities for that vitD are endless…

Toast, then marmite, then cheese, then beans!! Discovered years ago when heavily pregnant. Yum…tomorrow’s lunch me thinks.

Sounds interesting!! You’ll be enjoying your pile of children’s food while I’ll be in the school canteen enjoying…a pile of children’s food!

I did suggest this a while back:

Hot buttered toast, Marmite, and then spread with hummous.

Or, my current favourite, A Camembert sandwich, with one slice of bread thinly spread with the M-factor.


Marmite and houmous??? Houmous is for kettle chips Dr!

Am liking the thought of hummous, Geoff. Thanks. That’s the shopping list amended. Half your way and half, Debs way. Ha ha…it’s nice NOT to be the one leading others astray…this time. Xx

Ooh I love Marmite! My husband hates it and now my son likes it too, he he. I must admit after reading this, I have not been adventurous enough with my marmite. I will have to experiment :slight_smile: Sam x

Lovely, Marmite on hot buttered toast! Have you noticed the inevitable subject of some of Catherine’s posts is FOOD. Hope no one is on a diet! Lol. Teresa xx

Sorry…sometimes it’s the one positive constant…most people enjoy it and if it’s good can make you a little cheerier. Shall I stop??

NOOOOO!!! Just add wine

No Catherine definitely not! It is a really good thing but just keeps me eternally hungry! Lol! Teresa xx

Ok. So how’s about this for a pud…I am stuffed. Tin of black cherry pie filling, warmed up. Topped with a chocolate mousse, then crushed shortbread, then crumbled flake. 'twas yummy. Xx

You northerners need to get a grip! You can’t mix fruit with chocolate mousse unless it’s banana. Put the shortbread as a base then the mousse then the flake - maybe add some chopped banana.

Cherry pie filling needs plain yoghurt on top sprinkled with brown sugar and left until the sugar has seeped through.

Oooo…like it. What about grilled til the sugar brulees? And can it be real Greek yoghurt?

Oh yes sorry - it should be Greek yoghurt! Leave it in the fridge so all the colour runs in.

And I love your idea of grilling the sugar

you should try living here in summer mrs h it blumin stinks the town out (they make marmite here )

That’s quite funny rachy! My friend lives in Tiptree near the jam factory and we can smell the jam being made too. The factory has an old fashioned system of sounding the alarm for work to begin, lunch break, end of lunch and end of day - fab!

Sorry to go back to chocolate…but has anyone been to Cadbury world and the surrounding town of bourneville (I think). It’s like something out of the willy wonka film and has the quaintness that you describe, Deb. the houses were all built for the workers and it’s all self contained like their own private world. And the smell…i kept expecting the oompa loompa’s to appear!!!

I haven’t been there just driven too many times around the edge on the motorway - I thought the surrounding town was Birmingham. Maybe I should look more carefully for those oompa loompas!