Yes, it is in Birmingham, but the Cadbury world factory is surrounded by the most beautiful town that was built for the workers and is called Bourneville. It’s like something out of an Enid Blyton book. I can’t recommend it enough.

Yes, it is in Birmingham, but the Cadbury world factory is surrounded by the most beautiful town that was built for the workers and is called Bourneville. It’s like something out of an Enid Blyton book. I can’t recommend it enough.

Toast, butter, marmite, beans, cheese - heaven on a plate!


Minus-I will be the size of a house

Plus-easily pleased, me


Did you know that marmite is illegal in Denmark? No kidding and no idea why! Anyone know?

I’ve never tried marmite with beans (I will now!), but I can tell you that if you try toast, butter & marmite topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg you will never have a marmite-free version again :slight_smile:


Blimey it’s a good job I don’t have an ambition to live in Denmark!

Marmite is illegal in Denmark because it has too many added vitamins, and does not comply with their particular food quality legislation.

Of course, there are other yeast extract products - Gye and Vegemite would probably hit the same legislation.

Which reminds me - must get some more this afternoon - have just enough for today’s lunch (Camembert and Marmite sandwich).


Marmite!!! YUCK!!!

Pass the Vegemite, please. I’m Australian and will only eat the real stuff


Blimey…my knowledge of Australian food is heavily influenced by a certain tv show hosted by ant and dec. I thought Australians only ate crocodile feet, kangaroo testicles and possum steaks and such like. My hubby’s son is currently in Blyth, somewhere in Australia and we were so worried about him, that we’ve just posted a huge food parcel!!!

Which came first Marmite or Vegemite Belinda? Teresa xx

I have never eaten crocodile feet, kangaroo testicles or possum steaks. I have however eaten crocodile and kangaroo steaks but no part of a possum

Kangaroo is very healthy meat as it has no fat at all. I’m not so keen on croc, it tastes a bit like fishy chicken but emu is nice. But these do not feature heavily on our menu. We eat far more boring food such as macaroni cheese, stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, roast lamb, curry and of course Vegemite on toast.

Where is Blyth? And who are ant and dec and which TV how is that? LOL and I am the Aussie!

B xx

What I want to know is who tries these things out for the first time to check you can eat them without dire consequences—other than the heaving at the thought.

Did you see the texture of the camels foot!!!


Truth be told, Marmite came first, Teresa. When Vegemite was first being made it was nearly named Pa-will. As in Ma might but Pa will. Ba Boom

Thank God whichever bright spark came up with that idea wasn’t allowed to run with it.

B xx

Hi Belinda, blyth is a suburb of Victoria and the tv show is I’m a celebrity, get me out of here. I absolutely, unashamedly, love it, love it, love it. Ant and Dec are Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly who started life as actors here in northeast England and became (in my opinion) , 2 of the uk’s finest presenters. They remind me of morecombe and wise. And Pip…yes I did, kinda. I have to look away at the food trials coz it makes me feel sick!!

Ok…so am stooopid…hubby just told me…it’s blyth st, Victoria, which apparantly a suburb of somewhere called mellbun!!! LOL

Oh my, I disappear for a day and the world is going mad - Vegemite???!!! It’s not a patch on marmite, can’t even be compared! Crocodile is delicious though - seemed like a mix of chicken and pork to me.

I drove to the celebrity get me out of here place (near the coast just south of Queensland and about two minutes from civilisation) 9 years ago and they wouldn’t let us near

Going to try marmite and poached egg pretty soon. Proper German pretzils dipped in nutella is my nemesis!

LOL Now that makes more sense! Blyth St in Brunswick, Melbourne. I was wondering where on earth Blyth was. I even checked on google maps thinking I must be going mad and still couldn’t find it. Thank your husband for putting me out of my misery Dont’cha just love MS Brain (not)?

And Debs, I knew this would start the Great UK/Aussie Vegemite Marmite Wars I have a British friend and I can’t even utter the word Vegemite without her foaming at the mouth. Mind you, if she says Marmite my hackles all rise too. Strange how territorial we become over a breakfast spread!

B xx

Ah but Belinda, my advantage is, I’m right!

Spread some Marmite on a slice or two of toast. Then put a tin of Mackerel on it - the one with hot chilli dressing is my favourite.

I like this especially when I’m on the hoof and have very little time. It takes only minutes, and it’s even better than a shot in the arm!

Having just crawled away from one awful bunfight on here (the thread that shall not be named but is now locked) I am loathe to enter another squabble.

You may enjoy your Marmite undisputed and I will eat my Vegemite with full enjoyment

B xx

Well, I for one will now always think of them as “ma” and “pa” on toast. I will of course favour “ma”!!! Xx