Stomach acid probs

Can anyone tell me if amytryptiline causes stomach acid problems. Ive been plagued since I started taking them, not that I didnt have problems before sparodically. I feel like my food isnt going down my oesophagus and keeps wanting to come up.

Im taking Omeprazole but it would seem to not be working?



Unfortunately, no. All I could suggest is to tell your doctor. Sorry, hope you get better soon.

Thank you Marcus, seems lots of msers get similar. I shall mention it on Monday, see if there is an alternative to omeprazole.


I was taking Ranitadine switched to Ompeprazole and now take Peptac as well. Peptac is a liquid that you take in the same way as you would take Gaviscon.

Hope this Helps…

Thanks for that Dave, Im going to see gp on Monday, Ill ask for Peptac because living with stomach acid is no joke. Wonder also if our food has problems going down? I have had some swollowing problems and been diagnosed with GERD.

Wonder why a tot of whisky wont solve it?


Was another post on same subject about a week ago… scroll back and take a look. Not about Amytriptaline but about stomach acid. Seems loads of us MSers suffer from it. I’m going to see GP about it as it’s just every day now. As if we don’t have enough to deal with eh? I’m not on any drugs so that’s not the cause for me.

Pat x

I dont know Pat, keep thinking I need putting in a bag and shaking up - but then mi bones might break

I noticed that topic, comes up a lot, just wondered if it was amytryptiline making it worse but now I know it cant be. Thanks Pat, hope you too get something to help. Im wondering if our bodies get used to omeprazole hence it not working after a while?

Take care,



Hi bren, doubt that is is due to amitriptyline…at least it hasn`t affected me that way.

I have been on lansoprazole…very similar to what you are on…for acid reflux, for a few months and it really helps.

Perhaps the dosage of your`s could be increased. GP will tell you, I expect.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

My son takes those, wonder what the difference is between the two, one must be stronger than the other? Im going to see gp and suggest Peptac too. I need to do something, sat last night trying to keep it down.

In the meantime Ill double up on Omeprazole. Thanks poll,

Luv bren


Hi Bren,

I am also on amitriptyline and omeprazole. Started on the omeprazole in Sept after seeing an ENT re tight feeling in throat and swallowing probs. I take 2 tablets every day. I don’t get acid problems or heartburn but especially after drinking feel like I want to burp to release the tight feeling-not very ladylike!! The ENT and GP said it would take a few weeks for me to see any improvements. I am still waiting-so will be interested to see what your GP says to you.

All the best


hi bren

ive had metoclopramide once to take alongside omeprazole, works on strengthening the stomach flap apparently and although i dont think they helped me much they may well work for you.

im not sure if that would help though if you feel its not making it down into your stomach in the first place.

hope you get some relief from it soon

love mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx