Still waiting !!

Been over a year now and still not diagnoses, in that year I have had 2 MRI’s second one with contrast now awaiting third. Lumbar puncture and evoke test ( both these ok) Been on pregabalin for head pain and had a course of steriod’s Medrone 500mg for 5 days. This made me so ill for about I week that I could not get out of bed, but after that had a brilliant 8 weeks with very minimal symptoms. Original symptoms right side arm and leg pins and needles with mucsle tightness, stabbing head pain that comes and goes and floaters in both eyes, pins and needles in lips and tongue and some days limp and rubbish memory did occasionally slur words. Now as steroids are wearing off numbness (it’s a bit like the tingling you have recovering from being to cold in the winter) in both legs this time, and occasionally right arm, its like mucsle fatigue as unable to walk long distances and seem to have heavy legs when going up stairs. Touch wood headaches not as back so far. but pins and needles in lips and tongue never went away. Have tried doing light leg exercise i.e lifting legs repeatedly for them to become heavy and tired.

Saw neurologist on Monday who said another MRI and would not give a definitive diagnoses yet, symptoms are presenting as MS.

Any comments welcome.

Hi Loz what were your initial MRIs like? Also the results of the limbar puncture? I’m in a similar situation except my issues haven’t really gone away yet.

what are they saying it is if not Ms? Have you tried any supplements etc yet

Hi KrisP, Have had vitamin B12 injections, 1st MRI showed inflammation on the brain with a few legions, lumbar puncture OK. Only other diagnosis is migraine !!

hi loz what sort of inflammation and how old are you? I know they say some white matter is to be expected with age