Hey everyone hope your all well.

i want to ask what meds help with stiffness I have it in hands and legs worse in legs and makes my walking worse because of it want to be prepared for when LP results come in and can mention about it to my neuro.

thanks x

Alyssa there are several things for stiffness but is if stiffness or spascisty ? Get your Neuro to check I take different medications for both. We if you can be put in contact with a MS nurse .

Hi Alyssa

Like Don said, I’d check to see whether you’re suffering from spasticity. I feel stiff when I get up most mornings and know that many people do but this eases as I get moving. Different meds work for different causes and some drugs like statins are notorious for causing muscle stiffness too, so you need to see your gp or Neuro for assessment. I’m not trying to be unhelpful, it’s just that we’re all so different.

Please take care and let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

both but only spascisty when I’m sat down for long periods and I get up so mostly stiffness which I’ve had for a year and half.

i expected LP results by now they told me 2 weeks and it’s been 3 almost 4 :frowning:

does vep results take long?

Spasticity is when your legs shake right? I get that when I get up after long periods of sitting or If I bend down but my stiffness never goes had it over a year even exercise doesn’t help it at all and the stiffness is what’s causing my to sit a lot and reduced my walking ability.

only meds I’m on as waiting for LP results is gabapentin, I used to take naproxen before I was told I could have ms.

Thanks to you both xx