Hi. Does anyone get stiffness in there feels like the skin on my feet is being stretched. I try and move my feet by doing simple exercises. But the pain is still there. Before I go of to the doctor’s just wondered if anyone else had this.

Oh yes, most of the time. It’s a bit annoying. This hot weather isn’t helping either. Val

Yes from me too. My legs can feel as if they have first swollen (which they haven’t) and then the outer layer of skin has shrunk, so they feel like a couple of overstuffed sausages - feeling of skin being stretched, as you say.

I think it is a pretty standard MS-y thing.


Yes, get this in my legs a lot. It reminds me of being sunburnt, and the skin feeling too tight as a result.

Yeh, me too. Got it bad right now and it turns into pins and needles.

Also get tightness on the soles of both feet. Physio said it is due to not walking, summat about the ligaments tightening.

I sometimes use my leglifter and loop it over my toes and pull. It feels good to stretch my feet.


Im not alone then. Least the swollen ankles have gone,just feet are still swollen. When im at work, i go into the staff loos and fill the cleaners low sink up with cold water and put my feet in one at a time,Heaven.Im wearing crocs at the mo, boy im going to look good when i go out this friday with the girls. Maxi dress and crocs lol. Seriously though they have been a god send wearing them. kim