Steve Dalton

Does anyone out there have dizziness and lightheadednes and feelings of your head being full up, can’t concentrate properly and get headaches? If yes how do you cope with it and is there medication for it?


yes-all except the headaches.

taking ANY medication for anything brings possible side effects so i guess the question i would ask is the problem manageable without medication or r u willing to put with any side effects and hope it makes an improvement to the original issue…

the answer to that is very individual-sorry cant give a more definite answer…


for me meditation and honest talks with gp/neuro usually helps us find a suitable suggestion…until the next challenge/question!

Hello Steve

The dizziness, I’ve accepted and just go with the flow on that one.

I get headaches.migraines, take Topiramate which really helps. Have a word with your gp.

Like ellie, meditation helps me

Hi i suffer with vertigo i cant sleep unless i have alot of pillows i was taking prochloroperazine which stops it but cant take it now until after ive had baby it does cause tiredness but it works x

Thank you all for your comments. I will definitely give each suggestion a try. Hopefully one will work?