Hi everyone

I have just had a 5 day course of steroids (500ml). My old relapses haven’t gone and my walking is no better. I am to have some intensive physio in a few weeks so that I can try and improve the speed of walking. If I do not speed up I will no longer be able to stay on Betaferon.

The only real benefit I have found is that my speech, thinking and concentrating improved whilst I was on the steroids, it was like having the old me back for a few days, also increased energy levels that are starting to dip. I suppose I am asking if this is it really?

I know my relapses have been milder since being on Betaferon but won’t miss the injections. I suppose I could always try LDN?

Thanks for listening.

Wendy x

I’m no medical expert, but doesn’t the fact that you improved with the steroids mean that you were having a relapse, even if your walking didn’t improve? Under these circumstances, why will you be taken off the Betaferon? I mean, if you saw improvements, then you have RRMS so you are eligible for DMDs, right? Maybe you could be moved on to Tysabri - often much more effective than the interferons and easier to take.

Hi Sewing chick thank you for your reply, Physically I have not improved while being on the steroids, just more energy and better mentally. I have already been refused Tysabri as I’ve had been having MS symptoms for over 20 years. My legs are actually worse today and it will take a while to see whether there’s been any improvement. The physio may give me enough improvement in movement to stay on Betaferon (I hope). The criteria for staying on Betaferon is all about how far and fast you can walk. I suppose they have to have guidelines, just feeling a bit negative and disappointed as the old relapses are no better, balance and walking seem to be worse… I will probably look at things differently after a proper night’s sleep.

Wendy x.