Can't Sleep Clown Will Eat Me.....

Ok so its 10 in the morning now, but i haven’t really slept all night due to a course of steroids. So i’m ranting :stuck_out_tongue: And why don’t they coat the steroids with something ,blagh so bitter. At least there is only one more dose to take

having a 2nd relapse in a year after having been diagnosed for 7 years and really only having 3-4 relapses before (lots of flare ups tho :confused: ) Same problems, messed up walking, balance, muscle spasms, but this time I didn’t wait until I couldn’t walk at all to go to the doctors, so hopefully the steroids help before it gets worse. I have a pretty big lesion on the cerebellum part of my brain which explains the walking problems.

The neruros want to see me so are sending me out an appointment for a DMD clinic to discuss possible med changes. Which is fine because I am sick of looking like a I have been shot with a paint ball gun from taking Rebif (I also have a mild bleeding disorder, so the injections can leave pretty bad marks). (I have really good Neuros and Ms nurses here, that really seem to be on the ball about things).

I am just rambling, don’t have any questions, (might if they change my meds tho). So not expecting any replies, just need to write things down :slight_smile:


Sorry you having a troublesome time, steroids are just rotten to be on. When I was on them I was convinced my heart had slowed down and was going to stop. I would sit all night monitoring my pulse…But - hopefully they will help you. even if you are thinking strange thoughts about clowns!

I stopped taking rebif 2.5 years ago and i still have marks from the injections. What are you thinking (hoping) to swap to? I am on Tysabri now - still spend 1 out of every 4 weeks looking like someone has dragged nails up and down my arms - bruise easily and have dodgy veins!

I hope you get some sleep, and that the clown doesnt eat you…

take care


“the cant sleep clowns will eat me” is from an old simpsons episode :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what to take if it changes, i might not be given the coice due to funding but i really dont want anymore injections if it can be helped. they were not going to change my meds with the last MRI in Novemeber but after looking at the scan again, they want to talk about changing it, which I wouldn’t have known until september probably if my GP had not have phoned them yesterday for me.

thank you, probably wont sleep now because of the steroids and too excited after just finding out i got into uni lol

Congratulations on the Uni news!!! At least you can get excited about that whilst you cant sleep!!!

thank you :smiley: