stem cell treatment.

Hi. Just wandering if anyone noes much about all this stem cell treatment to repair the myelin?read and heard so much about it and seen that they offer this treatment in USA…what’s everyone’s thoughts on this treatment and does anyone have any idea what it would cost…is it going to be like tens of thousands? Just curious if anyone gas many thoughts.


Hi Rose,

I think it’s a very exciting area of research, and early trials (which do NOT charge participants) have been promising. However, it’s still early stage research, and there’s no way I’d pay anyone to experiment on me!

The clinical team here in Bristol have been involved in some (so far) very small-scale trials, with some success, and I believe another is either recruiting or underway at the moment. They certainly don’t charge a fee, and it would be unethical for them to do so.

At least one commercial clinic was found not even to be offering human stem-cells (preferably the patient’s own), but ones extracted from cows! No evidence whatsoever that it worked, plus it was potentially dangerous (think of how BSE was transmitted), but patients were charged £10,500 a time.

The doctor was struck off for offering patients: “pointless and unjustifiable treatments” and causing them “lasting harm”.

Desperation is never a good reason to part with your money.

You could consider registering to see if you are eligible for any forthcoming trials, though I don’t know much about it I’m afraid - even though one of them is local. You’d have to ask your neuro how you express an interest.



They have been doing stem cells in this country taking it from the marrowbone and there was ment to be a study taking stem cells from the brain and cloning them.

Anyhow here is a well documented diary of what happens when it goes all wrong!

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