Jack Osbourne to get the stem cells

I read last night that jack osbourne is going to germany to get the stem cells and it surprised me.

I thought he’d have done it months ago.

I know its not a healthy thought but i cant help feel a bit jealous hearing this. If i was in his “position” id do the exact same.

Ever since hearing about the stem cells ive been attracted to the idea, just dont have the monies.

It feels like the world is moving forward and im standing still.

It is nice to have a hobby. People with MS who have a ton of money can occupy themselves by pissing it up the wall on treatments that don’t work yet. Good luck to them.

The prospects for stem cells are wonderful, and my guess is that they will make a wonderful difference for the next generation of MSers. But they won’t do it for us, and I’m afraid they won’t do it for Jack Osborne.

Just because something costs a lot does not make it work if it’s not yet ready to.


They don’t work any better 'cos you’ve paid for them.

Stem cell therapy is still at an experimental stage. There are problems yet to be overcome, including a possible side effect of tumours (Yeah, lovely side-effect!)

If he’s willing to pay good money to be someone else’s guinea pig, then more fool him. Me, I’ll wait till it’s safe AND I can get it for free. Jealous of someone who squanders his money on stuff that hasn’t been proved safe or effective? No way!

Money/no money makes absolutely no difference to the chances of being cured. You can’t buy what doesn’t exist.


id rather stay as i am instead of being a guinea pig for someone especially with that possibly side effect, i have ms for a reason, for that reason im still trying to figure out, but hey, it’ll keep my mind ticking over thinking of one, knowing my twisted sense of humour ill find one hahaha

Well, personally I can understand why a young man, a new Dad, fairly newly diagnosed would want to attempt to try anything in sheer desperation to “cure” himself. Accusing him of “squandering his money” or “pissing it up the wall” is not the usual supportive comments that I am used to seeing on this forum. People who are desperate will turn to all sorts of unproven and indeed proven alternatives to attempt to acheive their goals and will pay whatever it takes whether the money is readily available or not. I am old enough to remember IVF in it’s early days and stories of couples who got into terrible financial difficulties in order to try it. Now a proven treatment people would be subjected to the same doubts about embarking on a course. Every successful trial needs “guinea pigs” in it’s infancy and I, for one, would be first in line.

Stem cells are further advanced than people are aware. It won’t cure ms but has the chance to repair the damage ms causes.

I for one am glad he is have stem cell treatments, it brings the treatment back into the news and keeps us aware of it.

I’m 28 this year and am hoping stem cells are in my lifetime.



i really wish that jack and his family find the answers they seek-just as we all do. …

ellie x

actually-without even being aware of it, jack was a great help back to me in july!

roll the dice, see what you get, thats where i am. take all the risks and gain everything, or lose knowing that youve tried.

Agreed with Darren, chocorange and Raymond but maybe I’m slightly braised. Because… My hubby’s daughter is, what would be termed a “celebrity” and like Jack was open about her diagnosis in an attempt to raise awareness. She was tested positive for the mutated cancer gene BRCA2 which she inherited from her Dad, my devastated hubby. This research is very much in it’s infancy and no-one could tell her is she would definitively develop breast cancer, only that she was at increased risk. However she decided, to minimise the risk, that she would have a double mastectomy. The amount of abuse and criticism that she was subjected was horrendous and all because she was attempting to do what she thought would prolong her life for her baby daughter. We do not believe for one moment that she would have been subjected to this criticism and negativity if she wasn’t a “celebrity”, if she was an anonymous mother doing the best for her family.

if your hubby’s daughter is the lady i am thinking of then i absolutely salute her. another young ‘celeb’ made the same choice about 10 years ago. her proceedure was also made public. but she was only 19 at the time. bravery at acceptance is one thing but like your hubby’s daughter she found a way to eliminate that risk. x

Good luck to Jack; as long as it’s not animal stem cells as ACTS in Amsterdam were giving.

Obviously in the end science will find a cure but until then all we have is the placebo effect; that can be very strong. As you are all aware it is such a downer to be told there is no cure. Go lead a stress free life; eat a balanced diet; come back in 6 months and let me see how worse you are.

Let people have hope; money is irrelevant to that family.

Did you know: Ozzy Osbourne had a scare that he might have MS but it was a false alarm:
“Family unity became even more paramount for the Osbournes in 1992 when Ozzy was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis, announced his retirement and played a farewell tour. Six months later a second opinion pronounced the diagnosis a false alarm, but the family have only now publicly acknowledged the scare.” - from this Guardian article


I really do agree with MrsH here. I have a relative who wanted to try IVF when it was new but they were worried that babies born would have problems etc so they decided not to give it a go. Now friends of theirs who did do it have great families and I do know that it has been a big big regret for them. I think that it should be seen a positive for all that Jack has been public in saying that he is doing this because if it works it will bring the treatment into the public eye and make it more available to the rest of us. I also know of a lady who lives near me who is the wife of a neurosurgeon with MS who is currently looking into having the treatment in Germany. I might not have MS but I think that this treatment may help me so I am waiting to see how she gets on.

We must remember on this forum not to slag treatments that people go for, celebrities or not. It just adds negative thoughts which is no good for any of us.

Moyna x

If this is the treatment Stella had and there is an ongoing blog about her journey I will stay well clear thanks


As soon as i win that lottery i will be off to Germany for them stem cells.

How much is it exactly ?

I’ve asked him how it’s going on Twitter. Would have emailed him but couldn’t find an email address.

Think he’s still in California, so not sure it’s started yet.

Oops. I’m sure he won’t mind. He seems like a nice bloke. It would be good to see how he gets on.