Status Quo

HI All, Had a good night out to see Status Quo near Bridlinton l may have been sat in my wheel chair but l was rocking all over the world in my head they sang a lot off the old ones not bad for a ageing group, it was out side and the weather was very kind to us. first time l have been to a out side one there was a nice disabled raised bit near the stage so we could see one nice thing about being in a wheel chair hubby had to take his own. Regards Jan xx take care all


Hello Jan.

I saw Quo twice in the seventies. My ears whistled a bit afterwards. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Best wishes, Steve x


Me and hubby have seen them a couple of times…fantastic and Francis Rossi definitely still rocks.

My hubby has always said he wants rocking all over the world as his funeral song!!

Pam x

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Great band


Thats Brilliant, id have loved to have been there, I’m off to the Echo arena in Liverpool in August for an event, Iv’e been before, I went last year and the facilities were really good and they also provided carers to help you out if you needed them to.

Its great when they get it right.

Michelle x

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i went out with a lad when i was 16 and he was 17.

he was a big quo fan and i saw them about 10 times.

happy days!

thanks for stirring old memories up.

carole x

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