Starting over

First post, please go easy on me.
I’ve recently broken up from a long term relationship, and now have to face what I think is a difficult task of starting a new relationship or finding myself a new partner?
The thought of it fills me with dread, and without sounding melodramatic it is something that I will probably avoid doing.
Has anybody else come to similar conclusions?

Hi DaleJ. I’m very fortunate that I’ve been with my long term girlfriend and now wife from the days before I was diagnosed. I’m possibly from a different generation to you (70 next summer) and I never ‘set out’ looking for girlfriends - just met new ones though work or general socialising. So, maybe don’t make any decisions about avoiding etc - just get on with life as much as you can and as suits your circumstances and see what happens ?

Hi Dale
Why do you need another relationship / partner?
If it happens, it happens. Much harder to try to force it to happen - relationships aren’t like that!

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OK, my advice is, try to have some fun and don’t feel under pressure. I was an older lady looking, in my late 30s. I tried online dating. Men would run for the hills. They would find me too old, too fat, too… too… One million excuses. That was before I was diagnosed but my symptoms had already started. Eventually I met someone on good old LinkedIn… we met professionally and we became a couple after we found out that we are so alike. He is my husband now. My point is: you never know when you are going to meet the right person. Sometimes it happens when we least expect it.


I agree with the 2 posts above. I know its hard, i was diagnosed with MS 2007, married 2007, divorced 2010 and had to start from scratch. It is possible but dont try to hard and just make light of your ms and bring it up in conversation (or use it as a chat up line. it worked for me, my pal said to us try and char her up. So i went over nervous as hell but used the following line ‘sorry to bother you my pal thinks i should come over and chat you up, it is better than the line i was going to use.’ she than says ‘why what was you line?’ So i went ‘hi I have MS and going through a divorce so hows about it?’ it worked (god knows how probably cause i made her laugh at my expense) So never give up MS is horrible but dont lie down to it