Star Trek

R.I.P to Leonard Nimoy.

Star Trek in the 60s was one of my favourite shows.

“A life is a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

Leonard Nimoy

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Was the 70’s for me #1.

Yes, it came to television late 60/70s #2 Although I can give yah a few years

I remember watching Star Trek every week with my mum and dad (re-runs in the 70’s). Used to love seeing Leonard Nimoy and hearing his voice in the many Sci-Fi movies and TV shows he did. The only ones left are George Takei, NIchelle Nichols, and WIlliam Shatner. My wife and I both loved George when he was on I’m a Celebrity. William Shatner was brilliant in Boston Legal as well :slight_smile:

My daughter who is 37 now, used to have quite a crush on William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Posters on the bedroom wall and all that. I still tease her about it

I preferred Mr Spock when I was young, “live long and prosper”

"Make it so "


i’ve always loved sci-fi, and star trek was where i first got the bug. RIP, leonard.

I used to watch these with my grandfather and this program (and all things sci-fi) were the reason I did Aeronautical Engineering at university. We had them on videotape and I watched them so often I could watch about three seconds of it and tell you name of the episode, the storyline and the names of the other two on the tape. Spock was always my favourite.

And my reply to Blossom - ‘Peace and long life’

JBK xx