i fell asleep with the bedroom telly on.

had a quite bizarre awakening.

the film i’d been watching had gone off and it was Thomas and his Friends.

i watched all the way through and it was lovely.

those days of having small children were the happiest time of my life.



yes and i got a big hug from my youngest. it does sound like it was meant to be. thanks jackie xx

I am currently dog sitting overnight at my son’s while they are out. He has Sky which I don’t have any more so I was channel hopping and found a load of the very old original Tom and Jerry cartoons. I used to watch them with my Dad and then with my son when he was very little. Real nostalgia. They don’t make them like that any more…


I love old movies, so I want to go back to childhood (

And still one of the very best movies…“it’s a wonderful life”

with an emotionally unstable mother - an abusive grandfather - a father with schizophrenia – anything that takes me back to my childhood brings back memories of some very difficult times.

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I’m a teenager again - 18 to be fair - going to see U2 in Dublin 1987 - meeting up with my new girlfriend (04/07/87) who now is my wife - playing football, going to disco’s having a cheeky fag and a pint - I’m actually quite teary typing this great happy days and mum and dad were alive then infact dad was around my age now…