Morning all

R.I.P. Robin Williams one of the funniest men on earth and a pretty fine actor.

Sadly taking his own life.

He will be sadly missed, he was going to film Mrs Doughtfire next year, now we will not see his comic genious again.


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A big loss to comedy and acting.

Such sad news, I feel like I have lost a piece of my history, nanu nanu Robin, you gave us all such great joy!






I am with you regarding Mindy.

Such sad news.

I hae loads of happy memories of watching Mrs Doubtfire with my two sons when they were very young. Whenever they were poorly they always asked to see Mrs Doubtfire while covered in a quilt on the settee.

I feel so sad that he made so many of us laugh and he was obviously very sad inside.

Shazzie xx

He was a very talented man, such sad news. Depression is a terrible condition to struggle with, what a dark place he must have gone to.

Rest in peace now, Robin Williams xx

Such sad news indeed. Goes to show you never really know what’s going on behind the screen.

Poor man

So,so sad, i cany imagine how low he must have gotten to take his life we have lost a very funny man and his family have lost a lot more.

Nanu, nanu Robin

Mork Calling orson

Orson the report mork

Mork This week i have discovered aterrable disease called loneyness.

Orson, Do many people on earth suffer from this disease/

Mork Oh yes sir,and how they man i know suffers so much he has to take medication called bourbon,even that dosnt help

very much because he can hear the paint dry.

Orson Dose bed rest help?

Mork, No because ive heard sleeping alone is part of the problem, you see orson lonliness is a disease of the spirit,people who have it thinks no one cares about them.

Orson Do you have any idea why?.

Mork ,Yes sir you can count on me,you see when children are young they are told not to talk to strangers. When they go to school there told not to talk to the person next to them.

Finally when there old there told not to talk to themselves, who,s left.

ORSON are you saying earthlings make themselves lonley?

Mork No sir ime saying just the opposite there too busy looking out for number one so that theres not enough room left for number two.

Orson Its too bad everybody down there cant get together and find a cure.

Mork Here is the paradox sir because if they did get together, they wouldnt need one.

Well if only you realised Mr Williams millions of did care for you and are morning your passing R I P .


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so,so sad… very funny man,i loved Mork and Mindy…and hes made some cracking films.RIP Robin Williams.

J x

RIP Robin Williams. Such a shock. My children (17,20 and 22) and myself were all upset to hear that. We’ve all enjoyed his films and gutted that we won’t see him again. Xx

I loved Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come - two of my favourite films. For a comedian - and an incredibly good one - he was an fantastic straight actor too.

So ironic that a man who made so many laugh so loud, could not conquer his own depression.

A loss to us all

JBK xx

You can never judge a book by its cover, we all seem to portray a confident person, but inside are crumberling.


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our loss heavens gain! R.I,P. dude… js maybe you could work on the big fella & his lack of a sece of humour?

catch ya one day!! Julien…

I’m still in shock…what could have been so bad that the only option was to take his own life? I desperately hope that he didn’t go back on drugs again! I grew up with Mork and Mindy and have seen most - if not all - of his movies. It’s a huge hole he’s left that no one will be able to fill … R.I.P. Robin :frowning: