Stairlift removal question.

3 years ago we had a grant for a stairlift. It was for my partner and she has since passed away. I’ve spoken to the council who say they don’t know what to do. The company who installed it originally want £180. It’s on a communal staircase. The reason for having it removed is I’ve got the opportunity to move. Should I just move and leave it?

Hi, some years ago, when ma in law lived with us, she had one fitted. it was bespoke because we have an unusual twist in our stairs. She used it for 2 years and moved out to a flat.

The cost was born by the council. But when I rang to to tell we didnt need it anymore, they didnt want to know. My hubby took it out (it was very heavy) and they did collect it.

It seems these things arent wanted after installation, but if you do move out and leave it, you may end up with a bill.

It`s a chuff innit?

When do you think you could be moving|?

Is it to a better place?


If you received a grant for it then it’s yours. I’d advertise it and sell it.

Mine was put in by my local council. When we moved they came and took it out and reused it. Looks like it’s another case of different things happening in different areas.

Hope you get it sorted.