house adaptations

Wondering if there is anyone out there who has had adaptations and who lives in the central belt in Scotland.

I have had contact with the physio attached to local council services. She has agreed a stairlift would be benificial and actioned a report. I have had one company out to measure up and just this week the physio returned to discuss it. She informed me because the stair is straight but has a turn at the top, it put the cost up. The cost quoted is £3600. She reminded me i would have to pay 20% of the cost and that it would take about 8 months before the process was complete ie. council committee approved quote and money released.

We also discussed other possibilities including moving to a bungalow. I explained trying to move in the current climate would probably be difficult and that bungalows apart from being few and far between, are beyond my means. She then suggested going on to the council list for a council bungalow.

My two thoughts are:

why have the council only had one quote done? That doesn’t make sense to me.

why would I want to move out of my own property to a council house?

I would love to know if anyone has encountered this kind of situation and what thye have done especially if they live in the central belt of Scotland.

I’m getting a bit concerned. I have serious problems getting up and down the stairs. I stagger about even with crutches and can’t manage far. I use a wheelchair for any distance and in my job.

Im fttom wishaw,,I got ot out,,she suggested moving as well but we decided against it,we now have a wet room up stair,wwhen wot i really need us toilet dowmstairs,,the sais they dont build extensions antmore to accomidate this,she also said the prefered option of gettin u upstaitrs is a through floot lift,they acceot ms cabb get worse,and they would rather put something in that is sutiable for life and not just a temperory mesure,,thiss sscred me a lot,but time will tell,,ill hobble up and down to bathroom as is and ce wot else i requier in years to com e


Hi, I don`t live in Scotland, but the North of England. Whenever i`ve had house alterations, which the council has ordered, I have always needed a report from an OT. These are the bods who determine how urgent a particular job is. Perhaps you need to go back and get an OT to have their input forwarded to the DFG guys, eh?(disabled facilities grant)

luv Pollx

OT has been on to me. They will not fund a 'living area' ie bedroom but would fund, possibly, a bathroom. I'd have to do the bedroom myself. Apparently the idea is that people use their lounge or part of it. I really don't see that possible. Not enough room. I don't know what is going to happen. I'm really quite worried - I'm using a wheelchair at work and outside and I'm struggling about with 2 crutches in the house. What happens when I'm stuck permanently in a wheelchair and when could that happen?

Hi Dannysteacher,


Think long and hard before moving into council property.  I dont live in Scotland but do know if you have money in the bank after the sale of your home YOU will be expected to pay for everything required, plus any care needed.


I would stay put until you feel you are in a position to move and get the stairlift.  Ask the ms society for help if you cannot find the 20%.  Thats what theyre there for.


All the best,