Stairlift quote will not be reduced

We have had a stairlift company say they can do the work and sent a high quote. I phoned them up to ask if they can do a lower quote and they said no. Have you hand this and did they reduce

Two things to consider:

1 - If your husband can no longer climb the stairs, what will it cost you to convert to living on the ground floor. Compare this to what the Company have asked for their lift, and figure out which is more desirable.

2 - Take the stairlift price. Try and find out if they have any agents around the country. If they have, you can figure roughly 20% of their price is profit (agents need commission).

Now you can look at the difference between the two figures, and see if the Company are really quoting an excessive price. Then, you can go back to some of the companies you have tried before, and ask why “Company X” can do a lift in your property and they cannot.

Get them back to the idea of competing for your business and see what happens. You only want one firm to take a second look, and “Company X” may well be ready to negotiate. If they are certain that they are the only people who can do the job, then they can bid whatever they want to (but remember that a high bid could mean thet they really do not want the job).


I got my stairlift from an independent. They’re not tied to one make. Might be worth considering.