St Johns Wort

Hi folks - anyone take the natural remedy St John’s Wort for depression?- I don’t like the side effects from chemical anti-depressants…


Hi, my daughter took it for post natal depression, but it didnt help. Have a google and see what it says, eh?

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l - and several of my friends have taken St Johns Wort - usually through the winter - we all find it helps with the winter blues. l was talking about it to a german friend - who told me that in Germany the GP’s prescribe St Johns Wort as they rate it safer and more beneficial then Prozac as a anti-depressant.

High dose vitd3 and vitb12 also works well as anti-d - l take all of these supplements and LDN also amitriptyline 25mg - and l am certainly not ‘depressed’. So something works!!


Check that St John’s wort doesn’t interferre with any medications you are taking, or not advised to take with any medical condition you have. I have epilepsy, and St John’s wort is a definite no-no.

Be careful with all alternative ‘medicines’ as it’s not always so clear about any potential problems like interactions. That doesn’t mean they WILL cause a problem, or that they don’t work. I am more aware about things lilke this since having had seizures as I don’t want to have any more, ever.

On of my major bug bears about this kind of thing is that people say they don’t want to take ‘chemical’ drugs or which aren’t ‘natural’. All things that have an effect on your body are made of chemicals. It’s just me being a science pedant about words, which aren’t accurate! Say ‘made synthetically’ rather than extracted from a plant!

I shall now step off my soapbox!


ellenc has said what i wanted to!

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NICE says no one should take St Johns Wort. Basically coz I think they don’t know enough about it. Research would not be profitable for such a cheap drug. However if German GPs are prescribing it they must be under some hypocritic oath. So yes I have taken it and yes it did help. Minx

Thanks folks for the information…much appreciated…depression is a terrible thing and i wish i could get over it…seems to hit me at this time of the year and feel rubbish…

I don’t take it as it can interfere with contraceptive pill but have heard good things about it.

I have taken it in the past and definitely helped the ‘winter blues’. Does anyone know if its safe to use when taking Rebif?