St johns wort anyone - sjw

Not even sure if I’ve spelt that right. I am currently so so sad and cry most days. I don’t think I’m depressed had a test which said I’m not. So don’t want to go down antidepressant route and had the counselling. I remember pre diagnosis I tried sjw and it helped… I would like to try it again but have a niggle in my brain that I asked neuro about it and they didn’t recommend it not sure why. Can anyone help Many thanks Min xx

Hello, its not recommended, you can see the reasoning here

I have taken it pre-MS but came off it as it interferes with contraceptive pill as well.

Hope you can find something that helps x

Thanks amylou. - I am so sick of nice. Just done a bit of digging and they do not recommend sjw for anyone. I think basically as they don’t know enough about it. With ms its particularly with certain meds. I’m not on any of them so I might take a gamble and give it a go. Xxxxx

l use to take it - and it does help with winter blues - which we still have in the summer! l now take a high dose vitd3 and B12 which helps with mood and depression.

Lots of my friends ‘swear’ by SJW - l know it can make you sensitive to sunlight - which goes to show it does do something.

lf you have tried it before and been ok - then why not try it again.

GP’s will always say no - if it is something they have not prescribed - ln Germany, GP’s prescribe SJW rather then get patients on Prozac.


Thanks campion - I am going to try it and sod the nice dictators. But I will not tell my GP or neuro - they just try to block. interesting about Germany. Also going to dig out my light box for the winter However I’m not suggesting other people do this as obviously it’s not recommended Thanks again Minxx Ps on high dose vit d and just received my order for b12 so thanks to all for this advice on b12 thread

We are very fortunate to have so many knowledgable folk on here who for personal reasons have done so much research into b12 - lt was Dr Chandy’s site and programme on BBC TV that got me first interested about 3yrs ago. He is in Septembers Prima - apparently. l hope that is this next months Prima and not last years.

l have a neighbour who is German - and she told me all about the use of SJW in Germany.