Rebif and depression


I am going to start on Rebif in about a week. I must admit that I am very nervous. I feel that I am relapse at the moment, my last MRI showed more and active lesions. I spoke to the MSA nurse yesterday, who I must admit is lovely and very supportive. She has intimated that I might suffer from depression as I have been taking St Johns Wort for five years. I get the impression that she would like me too stop taking SJW and start on a more conventional anti-depressant, such as Citalopram. I have tried Citalopram in the past and it did not agree with me at all. It gave me tinnitus, massive anxiety and I did not sleep much in the first week of taking it. I was incredibly anxious and stressed at the time, I must admit.

I was just wondering if anyone taking Rebif has suffered from depression and what, if anything, you are taking for it. I find that St Johns Wort has really worked well for me.



Adrian - I have had a really bad spell with my MS for the past few months and wanted to avoid anti-depressants if possible but I had to succum to cipralex 10mg around Christmas (i have taken it in the past) I did feel awful for the 1st couple of weeks but I stuck with it and it seems to have pulled me out of a hole to be fair - I have never felt as low in my life but things are starting to brighten up a wee bit again… Hopefully you can get some relief from depression, as it can be a real tough nut to crack at times… There is no shame in taking anti-depressants for a few months until you feel better then having a break from them for a while, if your gp agrees to it…

Good Luck