Rebif and depression


I am going to start on Rebif in about a week. I must admit that I am very nervous. I feel that I am relapse at the moment, my last MRI showed more and active lesions. I spoke to the MS nurse yesterday, who I must admit is lovely and very supportive. She has intimated that I might suffer from depression as I have been taking St Johns Wort for five years. I get the impression that she would like me too stop taking SJW and start on a more conventional anti-depressant, such as Citalopram. I have tried Citalopram in the past and it did not agree with me at all. It gave me tinnitus, massive anxiety and I did not sleep much in the first week of taking it. I was incredibly anxious and stressed at the time, I must admit.

I was just wondering if anyone taking Rebif has suffered from depression and what, if anything, you are taking for it. I find that St Johns Wort has really worked well for me.



Hello Adrian,

I have suffered with Anxiety, for a number of years and was taking citlopram. I became far more anxious and then all the MS symptoms occurred, leading to a diagnosis of MS. I have been taking Rebif, since April 2011 and was aware of possible side effects, inluding anxiety/depression. I have not taken an anti-depressant, for nearly 2 years and seem to be coping okay.



Hi Adrian I’ve been on sertraline for depression for 3 years now (post natal) and was worried about starting rebif. Started rebif in sept 2012 and so far I’ve been great and still on anti- depressants and have no intention of stopping. My nurse is great and she said just to make sure that family know to let me know if they notice changes in my mood. Good luck L x

How much citalopram were you taking?

I take 10mg for anxiety and I’m about to ask my GP for 5mg at night as it helps with pain and relaxation.

St John’s Wort has worrying interactions with several drugs - beta-blockers for example. I’d rather take something that doesn’t have a risk of interaction.

I take Rebif as well. My anxiety is due to a lesion that formed last year ( and stressful circumstances). I’ve been on Rebif since 2000. It’s been brilliant. The only very minor downside for me has been the huge injection site marks. Small price to pay though.

best wishes,



Hi Adrian, I was on Rebif then Copaxone, didn’t like either. I now take LDN & 4-AP which I love and haven’t had a relapse since June 2011. I know Rebif works really well for some, just not me. Andy

Thanks for your replies, really appreciated. K, I was on 25 mgs, I think. It was bout five years ago now and I was extremely anxious anyway. My nurse is looking at possible interactions between SJW and Rebif. I have had a look and I can’t see anything. SJW has really worked well for me over the last five years. I have taken beta blockers aswell and there doesn’t seem to be any interaction i.e. the beta blockers still work. I will see what my nurse has to say.

Thanks for your replies. Have a good weekend.


Speak to your gp, their are many anti depressants by perscription. I tried citalopram for about a year (made me feel like i was watching my life instead of living it) and now am on mirtazapine, so much better. Maybe your gp can find a anti-d that is similar to sjw? Hopefuly they can, but their are many other conventional possiblities to try.

citalopram didnt agrea with me either made me feal dizzy and zombie like when awak and then stoped me sleeping on a night. As darren has said speak to your gp there are hundreds of diffrent AD’s avalible. I t might take a while to find one that works for you it did for me, but its worth trying a few to find one that works well for you. James