Reassurance needed please - and probably a hug or two

I’ve been on rebif for 3 months and have had to come to realise that I’ve become quite depressed. I saw the ms nurse this evening and she’s suggesting I come off the rebif and start copaxone as depression can be a side effect of rebif. But then she showed me some ms trust info that said depression and anxiety was a more common side effect in copaxone than in rebif so now I’m really confused. I’m also fed up that I raised the depression thing when consultant told me I had to have rebif but she insisted I try rebif first so now I feel like I’m having to start all over again and worried that I’ll relapse again. I think because I can’t be sure that it is the rebif causing the depression I’m wary of changing. I asked about anti depressants but they’d rather not do that before trying a change of dmd. I definitely need to do something, I know that much! I’m crying at the drop of a hat, have no patience and feel really angry all the time. Has anyone had depression caused by rebif? Or has anyone switched from rebif to copaxone and what was it like? Sorry the got long and rambling. Feel really upset by it all and struggling to make any decisions.

Hi Sunflower, sorry you are having such a hard time. My daughter was on Rebif but also had Amatriptalyne (sp?) at night. She had to come off the Rebif as she had too many side effects from it and started Tysabri. I don’t know why they would not offer you anti depressents as it is quite common for people with a chronic illness to get depressed. Maybe speak to your MS nurse again. Hugs Lx

Aw hun

Can’t help about the depression although I had to take a low dose of amitriptyline about a month after starting Rebif due to sensory relapse and still need it now due to sensory symptoms so that may help me. I do get very low when I’m having a rough time with MS and my emotions are often all over place. As Linda says, this is quite common, so try not to get upset or worried about it. It’s not you, it’s another part of this bl**dy illness. Hope you get something sorted soon

Tracey xx

((((BIG HUG)))) Don’t know about these medications but hopefully other posters will be able to help. Take care. xx

Hi sunflower

i’m sorry I can’t help with the meds you mention, but wanted to send you a big hug! ((()))

I suffered from low mood (hate the term depression) after I had my dx in april this year. I have the support of a fantastic ms nurse and gp who between them persuaded me to go on meds to treat it. Was the best thing I did, as am more positive now.

Sorry i can’t be any more help, but sending you a big hug, and hope you get on well with whatever decision you make.



Just wanted to send you hugs Sunflower


Shazzie xx

Sorry I can’t help with the meds side but more than happy to smother you in hugs

JBK xx

hi sunflower

my gp gave citalopram as i was going through the diagnosis.

he did say that i could expect depression.

i didnt at the time but have taken it since.

i’m on copaxone and depression hasnt come through that.

have you spoken to your gp? he or she will want the neuro to ok it but might be more amenable to prescribing an anti depressant.

are you recently diagnosed?

lots of hugs (((((((xx))))))

carole x

Oh I’m crying again now because you’re all so lovely. Had a horrible night last night. Was really scared and panicky - catching sight of my own hand spooked me. Haviing a large vodka now to try to calm me down before bed. Anyway, my nurse rang today to say she’d managed to squeeze me in to see my consultant tomorrow and not to take today’s rebif. Still confused and wary of changing but feel a bit happier after my hugs so thanks all of you hugs back xxx

Hey Sunflower, Trillions of hugs from me too. What FANTASTIC news your MS nurse has got you appt to see consultant tomorrow. Don’t forget to have your questions written down and write answers down too. If you’re anything like me I forget everything the neuro says as soon as I step out the door!!! Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs. More hugs and a friendly cuddle Min xx

No you’re right min thank you. The last couple of times I’ve been I’ve had someone with me but because it’s so last minute I’ll be on my own this time so will make notes - thanks for the cuddle :slight_smile:

Hi I have suffered from depression for several years, I was very concerned about this being triggered by introducing a DMDS into the mix. I decided on copaxone and I can say that hasn’t triggered or made my depression worse. Mine is controlled by anti depressants. I can’t comment on Rebif as haven’t tried this. Sending you hugs and hope the appointment goes well for you tomorrow. I feel for you. Take care Barney

Had my appointment. Neuro says to stop the rebif, have a two month break and then start copaxone. I asked for some diazepam as a bit of a quick fix calm-me-down and got it which surprised me. Took one half an hour ago and I’m all floaty now! Was in the waiting room when I remembered I was going to note down some questions and I’d forgot to bring pen and paper but think I managed to take it all in.!