Hi all,I have spms and have started to suffer with really bad spasms that last for several days and reduce me to tears as they are so painful which in turn makes moving very difficult, does anyone else suffer with these,also my sleep pattern is all upside down I only seem to need a couple of hours, but also drop off really easily even when I’m out at friends,


Hi Sue

What drugs (if any) have you had prescribed for spasms?

I take Baclofen and Cloneazepam. Cloneazepam in particular helps at night because it’s also very good for helping with sleep.

But whatever you take, there are times when the spasms still wake me up in the night.

It’s horrible. Just recently I’ve started taking magnesium glycinate. It seems to be helping.


Yes, I have when unmedicated constant painful spasms.

Gabapentin and Amitrptaline have dealt with 80% of my pain and spasms thankfully.

i take magnesium up 600mgs daily but the spray is really good, the best thing i find is cannabis high in cbd for spasms and pain then i can get sleep at night.