Spongy feeling when wqlking

Oh yes the wet patches for me are the craziest alongside the marching ants lol. I have even gone to the toilet thinking i have wet myself (which I must say i do sometimes the joys of either being an old lady or MS). The water or wet going down the back of the legs nice one oh one of the others is the stinging bees on my legs even to the point i have stripped off my trousers to see where the beastie is and slap it one, and sadly nothing there, not even a red mark.

Oh and the invisible nudging. Thats a good one. I sometimes when i am upright even holding onto something which i usually am, feel like someone is behind me, and nudging the back of my leg usually the shin. I always turn around to see if its my dog or a cat and nothing will be there. Ah well weird things happen to the best of people. x

I think we have been dealt the Joker Card, and he is jerking our chain lol.

I wonder at times if i am being invaded with insects.

  • Bees
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Ants

LOL… nothing ever there… maybe it should be renamed Madness Sclerosis. lol.

One of my first symptoms was spongy feet, and freezing feet. I said to my neuro, its like you are walking through a field with frost on the ground, and you have a hole in your wellies, and your feet and socks are getting cold and wet, and spongy from all the water lol. He actually laughed at that description, and said he had heard other people describe it the same…


ks Jacie,

Do you know if they are just symptoms or a relapse?

Hi lisar,

6 months is quite quick to get a diagnosis compared to some peoples journeys but did that t leave you with disbelief and shock or did you raleady suspect MS?


Hi crazy chick, Iv got the running water feeling today on my arm, also feels wet on the back of my thigh when i sit down. Cant understand it as yesterday i had a good day just fatigue and leg numbness at the end of the day. Today my body seems to be on red alert.