Spongy feeling when wqlking


I was reading a post earlier where someone was describing that walking felt spongy, i have since looked again and i can not see it.

The reason it took my interest was because about three years ago i described my walking as like walking on padded shoes and i felt like my feet where going further and further into the ground. Around this time several odd symptoms started to happen, some i paid little attention to but now looking back they could be part of a bigger picture.

Just wanted to share this with you as its not a symptom i have seen alot of.

Thanks Christine

hi christine

my feet have been spongy for 8 years so it may have been me whose post you read.

my hands are the same, i feel like i have one of those big foam hands on, like the americans wear at baseball matches.

having said that i can still walk and i peeled and chopped up a big swede yesterday!

(i meant a swede as in vegetable not a person from sweden)!

carole xx


Just spluttered my hot milk across the keyboard on reading that!

Another insomniac tonight I see.

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It may have been a post i made (pg 3 ‘feeling drunk and disorientated’ ).

I feel as though the ground is not solid and sinking away beneath me when i walk. Yes very much like walking on spongy ground.

It’s quite unsettling isn’t it ? Feeling like you are walking into the unknown and not sure if your legs are going to give way does not give you much confidence.

I don’t know if your neurologist gave you any insightful information but mine didn’t and i haven’t heard of it before either.

Just another crazy ms symptom me thinks.

Hi Carole,

8 years is a long long time to have this very odd feeling, is it with you constantly. When it happened to me it was not constant yet it did unerve me.


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I think it was one of those times when i went to find the post again that i was unable to see the wood for trees. Yes its a very strange feeling. I dont have a ms diagnosis but im trying to put all my symptoms together and keep remembering things that have happened over the years.

Iv been tested for neuropathy twice which was normal. I dont remember telling my neuro at the time about this due to lack of time and memory and focuss was on whats happening at the moment.

I am having a second opinion with another neuro and hopefully i will log all symptoms even if they are not present now.

Can i ask you if this odd feeling was at the onset of ms or further down the road.

Thanks Christine

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I’m so glad you haven’t taken to chopping up random Scandinavians!!


I experienced this a few years after diagnosis and it isn’t constant at the moment, thank goodness.

I was diagnosed 15 yrs ago but it’s thought that i had it about 8 yrs prior to that.

I remember getting some strange symptoms but just ignored them thinking that probably most people suffered these sorts of things, not realising that they actually meant something.

In no particular order i used to get buzzing legs if i tried to walk any distance, the fronts of my thighs were always cold no matter what time of year it was, i had a feeling of trickling water on my legs, had a feeling of my vision becoming distant and then ‘jumping’ back at me and the fatigue set in causing my GP to diagnose virus after virus.

With hindsight these symptoms should have been investigated. It wasn’t until i suddenly lost use of both of my legs that i was taken seriously.

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when i said i’d had it for 8 years, it’s true, i have!

but sometimes it is screaming at me, other times it’s quietly there.

doesn’t it sound mad when you try to put mad ms symptoms into words?

i will continue chopping up swedes!


This way of walking makes me think of the tv ad for soft mints. The man walked into pavements.


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Hi Catwomancarole58, I hope you dont think i do not beleive you when you said you had had spongy feelings when walking for 8 years. I was meaning that you had had to cope with it for all these years and i have only had it a few times which left me feeling what on eaarth happening to my body plus i did not know know any other person that had expereinced such things, until now that is which is one of the many reasons that this site has really helped me.

Thanks Christine

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Hi Lisar,

I can relate to alot of your symptoms. some of my symptoms have been quite recent and others can go back anumber of years. I get numbness in my feet and legs mainly when trying to sleep. Iv also had the feeling of water running down my legs from my thigh. Vision problems have included seeing lights when i move my eyes, objects appearing and sometimes when im watching tv if feels like im watching in 3D. Recently iv been expereincing alot of crawling sensations mostly on my legs but sometimes my arms too.

Iv not had the spongy feeling when walking for a while but when walking i sometimes feel like im stomping my feet, my legs are so so heavy. Fatigue has been one of the worst things for me along with weakness, it is these two things which took me to see my GP.

My other diagnosis of ME/Fibro and an underactive thyroid have i beleive led doctors to attribute all my symptoms on these conditions. About three years ago symptoms did change and have led me to see a neuro.

Im guessing if it is a neurological condition it may be quite a journey to reach a diagnosis. I am seeing a specialist ms neuro to have a look at my case if only to rule ms out once and for all. Was your diagnosis straight forward?

Thanks Christine

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Yes, i’ve often refered to myself as feeling like the soft mint man !

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I have strange sensations in my feet, kind of like they are not mine. I guess you could interpret it as spongy feet.

I have noticed for the last couple of weeks I feel less connected with my legs and feet, which has followed on from some wicked neuropathic pain in one leg. I am glad the pain has receded a bit (increased gabapentin) but I would kind of like to feel more in control and attached to my legs.

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Yes it was really. As soon as i lost the use of my legs i was referred to a neurologist, sent for an MRI and then a lumbar puncture.

All done and dusted in 6 months .I think my test results were pretty conclusive.

I know what you mean about watching tv in 3D and also for me all colours look extremely vivid to the point when sometimes i have to look away as it hurts my eyes.

Yes i stomp when i walk and throw my legs out in front as they feel like lead. Weakness and fatigue is also a major factor for me too.

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Hi Christine,

I describe it as walking on snow and have had it for more years than I want to think about!!

Lack of sense of touch and temperature in my fingers too.

Carole - Your comment made me laugh! I’m from the north, a big purple vegetable with orange flesh we call a turnip, grown for sheep to eat… On Burns’ night Scots gave haggis, 'tatties and neeps (turnips).

Jen xx

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Hi Mrs Orangetree,

Before i posted about this symptoms id not heard anyone talk about it before, but it does seem that variations of this affect a number of people which makes it a little less scary. I also take gabapentin but it does nothing for the pain in my legs and feet.

Thanks Christine

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Hi I have this to for at least three years I was at one time thinking the floors in the house were needing replaced

Not fallen outside but sometimes go stumbling for a few yards that,L be the foot drop as well

Being a true Scott I fair like my haggis needs and tatties all the best george

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Hi Jen,

I can understand your description of walking on snow like a squashy feeling, when i first expereinced it my first thoughts were of wearing padded shoes. Im sure if i had told someone who had never epereinced this they would have wondered what i was talking about when it did not make sense even to me.

Thanks Christine


Hi I have had that feeling of walking on sponge for the last 10 years or so, but thankfully not too frequently. Like most people on here I have many other strange symptoms the rest of the time.

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