Spine MRI tomorrow

Hi everyone

Hope you are all well and this gorgeous sunshine isnt affecting you too much.

I  have a MRI of my spine tomo and am worried how on earth I am going to lay still! I have been jerking and twitching all day (maybe to do with the heat?) and I cant see me laying still for more than about a minute!

What do they do if they just cant get the pics they need?

Thanks all

Paula xx


Hi Paula, just explain to the radiologist when you get there. They might give you something to sedate you slightly... anyway don't worry about it. They are used to people with all sorts of jerks and twitches and I'm sure will know what to do.

When in doubt, leave it to the experts happy2.

Pat x

Ah didnt think of that. Thanks Pat :D xx

wishing you all well for tomorrow…def mention to radiologyst…see what they suggest…luckily its just my left leg re twit hy and jerking…but last time they were doing my brain so it didn’t matter so much…lol

em x

When I went for my MRI I explained that I have Tourette's and not sure how still I can keep or for how long and was told not to worry as they can re-do the scans if needed. I managed to keep pretty still apart from the odd facial twtich and they did the short scans so it was over quickly. Not sure of this was because of the tics or because I had a bad claustrophobic spell the first time and couldn't go through with it. Second time I had diazepam and was only in there a matter of minutes. The lesion was found which I was glad of because I was worried that they wouldn't find it with only short scans.

Good luck. Just let them know what your worries are beforehand.

I am sure they will be accommodating and understanding.

Had spine MRI. Went very well I think. I was as still as I could be with the twitches/jerks, dont think they needed to do any more. Was a little claustrophobic, but I persevered and its all done now. Took about an hour or so thats all.

I mentioned the numbness and the twitches/jerks and the radiologist was great. Made me as comfie as possible.

Phew.. I may or may not need a lumbar puncture now (depends what they find I suppose) - its all down to the neuro and I go back in Sept for the results. Feel like I have been pulled/prodded/poked for the past few weeks, and now its maybe all done.

Worse thing about the MRI for me and my son was my Mum driving us there and back!

Paula xx

He Paula

glad your MRI went well - I know you’ve had a difficult few weeks so at least the worst of the tests are over for the moment.

How are you feeling otherwise today?

Your mum driving you was bad - was that a reflection on her driving or is she just not dealing with you being ill well?

At least its over now though. Really glad it went well for you.



Hi Reemz

My Mums driving is really bad.. in fact I think I would have safer driving with my very limited eyesight! My son (21) was holding on for dear life in the back and I have never been in a car that goes so slow!

How am I feeling? Erm, well, I am abit emotional still, and I still have alot of pain in my back, feet and hips? Weird isnt it. Its like I have a combination of a hundred weird things wrong with me. The tiredness is awful and I think that and the pain (on 200mg Tramadol in mornings and evenings now and still doesnt seem to touch it) are the worse things. The twitches and the jerks and the balance issues are annoying and seem to sap my confidence mostly.

Thanks for asking Reemz and I hope you are feeling bit better today too. 

Paula xx


I’m glad it wasn’t to bad for you Paula, your mum must have learnt to drive at the same place as my mum lol.
I hope you get some answers really quickly and some decent meds.

Thanks Nikki.

 I think I am on the right meds but,according to my GP, they just need tweaking so Im in the middle of doubling up on everything.  Am doing it slowly as I havent ever taken so many tabs in my life, and Im not having any kind of reaction to the ones I am on, so prob best to keep on these but just up the doses.

My Mum seems to wait for ages at a roundabout when its clear, then go when somethings coming! Its quite scary! So your Mum isnt the best driver either? lol. I think its an age thing with my Mum as shes in her 70s now, and she prob shouldnt be driving at all really (but without her I wouldnt get to the millions of hospital appointments and tests Ive had recently). So I really do appreciate all my parents do for me and shouldnt really moan at all! 

Paula xx

Hi Paula

Its a good thing my mum doesn’t drive then - though my dad isn’t that great either - I feel sick when I’m in the car with him.

Its not suprising you’re feeling emotional - its hard having things wrong with your body and having to go through all these tests. I work in a hospital and still I was scared going for my MRI and I was even worse the second time.

I hope you’re pampering yourself this evening - its been a difficult day.

I really hope your symptoms start to improve I know how my mum was with vertigo and she was so bad at one point she crawled round the house and wouldn’t go out. Its horrible.



Hi again Reemz

I plan to do nothing tomo apart from  sit on the sofa :D Hoping you plan to do the same!

P xx