MRI with jerking limbs?

Sure I am not the only one with jerking limbs, mainly legs.

On waiting list for brain and spine MRI, but know that you have to be still, but when I lay on my back my legs jerk about and some times my arms too. Hubbie says I do it all night long, always kicking him!

My left side ie week and yesterday I noticed a tremor down my left arm and into my hand.

Going to ring the hospital when I get my appointment through, can you be put to sleep for MRI?

Thanks, all the waiting is doing my head in.

Neuro also spoke about doing an LP, are they safe?

Thank s again

They should be able to work something out but it might be simpler to ask your GP for a sedative. If I were you, I would ring the scanning unit before you get your appointment. They might want to book a longer slot in case they have to repeat anything because of movement.

As far as LPs go, yes, they are safe, but they do have potential side effects just like everything. Most people are fine. Some people are a bit uncomfortable and a bit headachy. A small proportion get the “headache from hell” which is a killer headache which goes when you lie down. This can take a week to go. Sometimes it doesn’t get better because a small leak of CSF. When this happens the medics do a “patch” to seal it - it’s a simple procedure. All sounds potentially horrible, but the vast majority of people are absolutely fine.

One thing though, LPs are NOT needed for a dx of MS unless it is still uncertain and more evidence is required. Even then you can choose to not have one and wait for additional clinical evidence.

Karen x

PS A sedative does not affect the MRI at all.


When I had my MRI I to was jerking all the time, they were very kind and said if I did move not to worry, they would do that particular part again. As it happens I did jerk but at a time when they were adjusting the MRI, so don't worry.