Hi Everyone,

I have just received my appointments for mri, lumber puncture and evoked procedure!! I am to get a over night stay in hospital… My neuro thought this was the best for me because I live on a island in Scotland… I know that is is amazing that once i’ve had all the tests thats it i will have a dx, but wow i am now soooooooooo nervous, before having the appointment it was a out of sight out of mind… kinda, the symptoms are still there, along with the waiting… but now it’s all very real… I know I probably sound very silly, I certainly feel it, especially after reading how long people on here have had to wait… I have been very fortunate and from my doc saying they suspected ms to seeing neuro and her requesting these tests, and now only a month to wait for them it will have been three months from start to finish!!!

anyone got any advice on any of the tests? I’ve had mri’s before not on my head though, not sure i’m going to like it been stuck in that, means to a end though… I will be very greatful for any advice…

A very nervous


Hi Andrea,

Ihad an MRI back in April. I was told to take a CD in to listen to…but the machine was sooooo noisy that I couldn’t hear it.

I was in there for approx. 30 mins I had to have brain and cervical MRI. It wasn’t too bad, but I was a bit uncomfortable as I had a wedge shaped cushion thingy under my knees and It was making them ache. I was glad when it had finished.

Take care,


I never had a lp but several MRI.

Have to admit it was loud, cold,and very boring on all occasions just lying there,so I tend to go into snooze mode.

As you lie there at least you will know you are doing everything in your power to get a dx. Anything is worth it to get out of limbo.

I wish you all the best.


I too have been diagnosed with MS last week after only 8 weeks. I was nervous about MRI but the radiographer spoke to me throughout telling me how long each section would take and asking if I was ok. They also had me wrapped in a blanket, and a wedge under my legs to stop my back aching. My VEP was painless and over in no time at all, just left with messy hair! I didn’t need a lumber puncture so can’t help with that I’m afraid. I am now waiting for MS specialist to advise on medication. I completely understand how nerve racking this process is as reality starts to dawn that you will now know for sure what is causing your problems. I coped by thinking that once I know what it is I can deal with it day by day. I hope it all goes well for you. X

Probably not the advice you are after but may be a good idea to take some sponge ear plugs (from Boots); hospitals are very noisy and that way you might get a decent sleep.

Thanks everyone, I am nervous now the appointment is here! it’s very really… when i saw the neuro i expected/wanted her to say ‘go away you crazy person’ she didn’t, totally the opposite! so now i have a worrying month, and then a wait to find out exactly… But then at least I will know…

All the best to those that have just been dx, Here’s hoping you get the best teams poss looking after you’s!

Thanks again for the support, I am so very grateful…


hi andream, wow all on one day! you will need rest after that! everyone has given plenty of advice ref MRI and that’s the only bit I can help with. I did post about lumber puncture as I’m waiting to go in for it. this is what people said to me 1drink plenty 3-4 liters per day for at least 5 days as takes while to replace what they have taken. 2 lie flat flat with legs slightly elevated for as long as you can and for at least 4 days afterwards 3drink caffeine or get caffeine tablets from chemist 4 if you feel sheets damp in you bed go straight back. would love to know how you get on, good luck and even though it’s scary you will know what your playing with and can get on with living xxxx

When do you go?


Hi Andrea I am really glad for you, I would echo what coco channel said about LP, but don’t have too much caffeine if taking tabs as that too will also give you a bad head and stop you from sleeping. Take an iPod with you, best thing I did. If after the scan they give you steroids, don’t worry if you can’t sleep. Good luck Mike x

Sorry If they scan down your back, it bumps too. Don’t fret about MRI visor n u can ask them to take off mirror so you can’t see behind if it worries you. Mike