Well, I think I’m lucky with my neurologist (most of the time!).

I had MRI and EPs of hands and feet the week before last, she called me on Tuesday to say she thinks the MRI is clear (tho she did say she’s still awaiting the official radiologist report) and I’m back to see her on Monday.

Quite nervous still tho’. I’m expecting her to say that she doesn’t know/can’t commit to a diagnosis… will be a shock if anything is confirmed.

Still have niggling doubs about the SSEPs tho. Does anyone know about them? I’m intrigued as to why I was queried about how much exercise I do (it’s failry obvious that I don’t do much).

My left leg hurt like a ~~~ for a whole day afterwards…most unpleasant.

Best wishes to all, Lucy :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve had my appointment. MRI and SSEPs normal. Cool :slight_smile: Next step a lumbar MRI and back in 3 months…if everything is still clear I’m to go away and be normal unless anything else happens. Fine by me…anyone any ideas about what a lumbar MRI might be like? Thanks for all support over the past few months, Lucy

Hi Lucy Lp is like a small scratch to back- don’t google, will scare you. If you ont lie down for at least an hour on yr back u cud get headache from hell My nurse advised drink loads Caffeine help - coke etc, full fat, coffee, red bull, pro plus tabs Don’t have too much or you get bad head nd can’t sleep. MRI like being put in a long tube Noisy Can’t move Helmet has irror so you can see through tube. I took mine off prefer not to see. Can b a bit scary if claustrophobic or a man I bottled it had 3 scans but 8 attempts. Shoulders are wide and touched sides, once I tucked in ok. All in all both are not that bad, don’t be or ride u I’ll b ok-u not a man. Mike x

Glad it went well today your neuro sounds great. I’ve not had a lp yet but plenty here have so will be able to advise you. Xx

A lumbar MRI scan is just like a thoracic MRI scan - basically they put a heavy blanket thingy over you (the equivalent of the cage thing they put over your head for the brain scan) and do the scans. The blanket thing will be put on you lower down for the lumbar MRI because it’s the lower part of the spine.

Sounds like you’re in good hands there

Karen x

Thanks all, in particular Rizzo, I’m so impressed with the support and knowledge you share on here…you are making a BIG difference to a lot of people. I’ll be back no doubt as my next appt looms but in the meantime, if you don’t mind, I’m back to denial land, I like it there! xx