MRI help!!

Hi all

ive been booked for an mri but can’t lie flat in bed let alone on a hard table. Since my last relapse I have terrible spasticity in my legs and have difficulty straightening them and even standing straight. Any ideas?


They will give you cushions under your knees so your legs won’t be completely flat.

Ask for a mild sedative.

My sister always has this for her MRI’s, as she gets anxious.

I always neck an extra Baclofen or two before an MRI. Or as jactac said, get a sedative before hand if that’s possible (if there’s time, see your GP and explain). The radiology staff will help you to get into an appropriate position and as Dolly DD said, they should give you a cushion / wedge for under your knees. If they done ask for one. Explain to them what problems you have laying flat and they’ll help you find a position for the scan. Best of luck. Sue

Thanks guys I’ve still got lorazepam from when I had chemo so could take one of those Thanks again

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I had one this week and a sedative is a good idea - less nerves the better