Spinal cord stimulator

Hello to anyone who can give feedback about implants. I have chronic buzzing/tingling/pins & needles 24/7. Nothing helps, I have tried everything, it’s draining & so uncomfortable. I also have damage to femoral nerve & take 40mg of amitriptyline to make it bearable, also constant unexplained pain in one buttock. I have now got a nervy feeling in my right chest from the waist up. It’s like I have guitar strings inside me constantly getting plucked. It got so bad that I just could not sleep & now on 1100mg of gabapentin which did take it away but I’m feeling it coming through again. My pain consultant has suggested an implant but I’m really unsure about this. It seems so invasive. I’m worried that It will be another buzzing in my body. If anyone can share their experience with the implants & sensations I’d be most grateful