Buzzing and pins and needles

Hi guys,

I’m sure this has been on here before but can’t seem to find anything!
An obvious and frequent symptom is the pins and needles - I get almost like a phone buzzing inside of my leg feeling and I was wondering if anyone knew any way to relieve or help these symptoms?
I’ve tried a warm compress and just buzzes and is warm, haha!

Hi , I also have constant buzzing I use a muscle stimulator ( like a tens machine ) I set it at a stronger and faster lrate than I feel the buzzing . It doesn’t stop the buzz but it confuses the sensation and gives a temporary relief . I wish Father Christmas would legalise cannabis :pray:

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Hahaha! Yes I think maybe that’s a good one to try!! Also the cannabis :joy::joy::joy:



What you’re describing is a kind of pain, specifically paraesthesia. Have a look at Pain | MS Trust There’s an awful lot of info there that’s not specially relevant to your buzzing/pins & needles, but some that is (you just have to sort out what’s relevant and what’s not!).


I have symettric numbness and pins & needles - i.e. in both hands and both feet.

Is that unusual for MS? (i.e. is it perhaps due to another cause, such as peripheral neuropathy)?


Hi I get terrible nerve pain, tingling and burning the only thing what takes the pain off is cannabis, have taken CBD oil but not has good, it’s awful it should be legalized.

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I thought it was legal for some medical conditions - I guest MS isn’t one of them!