I'm giving up at 27 help

In April I went to the hospital for numbness that started in my left foot then over 3 days went up both legs. After no less than 30 blood test, Spinal tab, 4+ hours of MRI, I ended up with 1 inflamed lesion in my spine after weeks in the hospital. It has now gone away but I have buzzing in both my legs that WONT stop. Nothing has helped. Many nights I can’t even sleep and I’m losing my mind here. I’m giving up and don’t know what to do here. Treated at kaiser and they haven’t helped with this buzzing symptom.

27 male in Los Angeles

i think of ms as an electrical fault.

frayed cable = myelin damage.

power is interrupted = message from brain to body is interrupted.

buzzing fits in with this.

i’m in the uk and completely unaware of the health system in the USA.

however you should talk to your primary care doctor, GP.

this is the person who can help by referring you onto other specialists.

the buzzing IS annoying.

i have started to use CBD oil which seems to damp it down a little.

when a diagnosis is not on the cards, you need help with symptom management.

maybe your doctor can prescribe something to help.

Don’t you use cannabis?

Excellent point Ant, cannabis is legal in California.


good thinking anthony and i may be up to moving out there myself (in my dreams).

you coming too sue (Q)

[(Q) = question mark cos this pigging chromebook is falling to bits, key by key]


i got a stronger oil which cannot be vaped, 3 drops under the tongue.

i’ve had a painful back but those 3 drops - man! they work magic!

I’m from Siberia, it’s deep in Russia, real Russia, my friends:) And i know a guy who heals people with lots of different deseases, including multiple sclerosis. There are old Russians traditional methods in the complex, and he really helps!. He is very open for people. So, if you’re interested, contact me. And excuse me for my english, guys. I just wanna help.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, MS is incurable.


Can’t, I’m never flying again. Unless it’s a one way trip to Switzerland.

Good point about using Q instead of a ? But we’re used to you not having a ? Isn’t that why you inhabit the ‘Fog?

I’m sorry that you think so, but it’s not true.

There’s no such thing as incurable, Ssssue, only our ignorance…

But everyone must believe in what is closer to heart.
I will not argue, I just know people here (in Russia) with MS who through our practices got up from the recumbent state of the vegetable. And gave birth to a child after that.

look deeper