Is it ok to ask about particular doctors or specialists here? My lads one has left the NHS and cant find anything about the new one anywhere. I have read of some real nastie’s in the past. He is quite anxious about his appointment and whether or not his campath treatment will continue.



I dont know for sure but am suspecting that slander may be a potential problem if the comments werent good.

Perhaps if you could say which area/hosp instead of a particular person. But I am not sure,hopefully someone knowledgeable will be along soon to clarify for you.

Once your area has been established perhaps communicating via PM with others from same area may be an option?

Ellie x

Hi again

Sorry you havent had more response-I still dont know the answer BUT I did a quick search of my EX neuro and the 3rd line down was posts about ‘it’ from the old MSS site! They werent written by me. So maybe it is ok to be specific with the name.

Anyone clarify?

Ellie x

Hi Ellie, thank you for noticing, it’s very kind of you. Especialy as you dont seem to have gotten my reply to your first post? at least I cant see it on here, I cant get the hang of this ‘new’ clunky forum at all. I told you the doc I am after is a Dr Pomery at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. He/she is to replace Dr Boggild who has left the NHS. Wondering what sort of charactor they are and if they can stop a previous doctors recommended 3 year course of treatment etc. Will try another cheeky post and put a name up, they can only slap my wrist cant they :slight_smile:

Jash x

How about a straight ask:

“Is there any reason to change my treatment?”

There are only two possible answers to this - No or Yes.

In the first case - no problem
In the second case, remember that consultant must write to GP, with a copy to the patient, detailing the consultation. What is in the letter should be an accurate account of what took place, so either there is something to discuss with the GP, or the GP can be asked for details if there is no copy.

Just watch out for some odd words in the letter - most consultants and many MS Nurses dictate their letters and the person transcribing may not inderstand the words - and just write down what they thought they heard. That, of course is another good reason to ask the GP.


Thanks for the reply DoctorGeoff,

it should be his 3rd and last treatment in June so I think he will be upset if there is any change of plan. I cant see why this new doc would change it, I just wondered if anyone had any experiance of it happening. Will definately make sure he asks outright about it.

As he wasn’t originally refered by his GP, he tends not to bother much with him about his MS as such, apart from regular blood tests at the health centre. That’s why the consultant is so important to him.