Is it permissible to post asking for opinions on particular neuro's?

I’m thinking of asking my GP to referr me to an MS consultant as I’m losing faith in my neuro. I know the name of the consultant I would like to see but would like to know first what he is like. Is it allowed to put his name in a post asking if anyone sees him and for their opinions?

Hi, it’s been done before and didn’t seem to be a problem… so yes go ahead.

Pat x

I think there might be a problem, however, if the replies weren’t flattering - i.e. could be libellous.

If you ask: “Is X OK?”, and everyone replies: “Yes, he’s wonderful”, nobody in their right mind is going to get upset.

But you can’t control the replies you get, and obviously it’s the more interesting ones (to you) that are a potential source of problems.

What if someone posts: “Don’t touch him, he’s an absolute !%”*^!"?

Worth knowing, obviously - but it’s only an opinion. An opinion that might be open to legal challenge.



Maybe you should ask people to send private messages. Somebody mentioned on here a few weeks ago that there are places on the internet where Consultants are rated. Dont know if it is true as I havent looked.

Hmmmm - I think possibly not a name drop but tell us what hospital you’re going to and we can tell you what our experiences of going there have been like… no names mentioned :slight_smile:

I’ve asked on this forum for advice about a hospital then pm’d members who have got back to me - it’s then been a good way of privately discussing particular neurologists. I’m really grateful to those who have been in touch with me after teh initial post

Thanks so much all for your replies. Will try for a tactfully worded post.

Mags xxx