Those who attend Charring Cross - advice/question

Hi all

Just a quick favour. I saw a general neuro back in august for the first time as a second opinion and he was going to refer me to an MS specialist called Dr Paulo Muraro. I have now got an appointment through in a few weeks but it doesn’t say what doctor and it’s at the general neurology department.

I just wondered for those of you who attend Charring Cross hospital and see MS specialists whether you all go to the general neurology department and if your letters like mine don’t state the doctor. Just want to make sure there hasn’t been a mix up and I haven’t been booked back in to see the same doctor again (I have a another review with the general neuro I saw in november as he said he wants to see me in three months).

Going to ring the hospital on Monday anyway to double check - don’t want to drag myself and my partner out of work if its not see the MS guy and it’s been a mistake so just wondered whether you guys might have a clue.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Reemz

I see a neuro at Charing X. When the letter arrives, it states the date and time of the appointment and which Neurology clinic it is but doesn’t give the name of the neuro. I do see the same one every year but I make the appointment for next year while I’m there so they know who I’m seeing. The letter is just confirmation of the appointment.

Hope that helps.


Hi Val. Thank you for sharing. i guess i thought it was strange as i work in a hospital n most of the letters have consultant namrs. Guess everyone does things differently. Thank you Reemz