Anyone been to Charring Cross

Hi All

don’t want any names please but just wanted to know what I’m up for.

I’ve been referred to Charring Cross for a second neuro opinion and just wandered what other peoples experiences have been if they’ve been seen there. As I said I’d prefer no names but an idea of if you’ve had a positive or negative experience would be helpful.

Feeling a little nervous now - hope I’m not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.



Never been Reemz so can’t help! just wanted to say good luck!!! xxxjenxxx

I’m under charring cross hospital found the consultant that I see very very good, answers all questions that I put to him in a nice reassuring way, never had any problems if u need to know more feel free to p m me Carol

Thank you for the good luck Jen :slight_smile: No appointment date in sight yet but it’s a start.

Phew Carol - that’s reassuring at least. I don’t know who I’m seeing yet as I don’t have an appointment. Will maybe PM you once I’ve got an idea but so glad it was a positive experience. My first neuro gives you less than 5 mins doesn’t answer my questions or trys to shrug them off by saying you’re pessimistic or it’s your age (I’m 29). Really hope it’s a step closer to getting answers.



I switch between Charing Cross and Hillingdon on a fairly regular basis (my neuro does clinics at both). There are some excellent neuros at Charing Cross, so with any luck you’ll be in safe hands.

Karen x

Even more relief :slight_smile:

Thank you Karen. Feeling optomistic - hopefully I’ll finally get someone who’ll listen now.

Thank you