Charring Cross Dr Muraro patients

Hi Everyone

I’ve been away for a while. Just really been trying to plod on and not think too much about my health. Things have actually been relatively ok aside from jan when I had the whole fatigue issues (which were very scary as it affected work) and april when I had motion sickness.

Some of the old numbness and things are back at the moment but I’m hoping it’s just the humidity.

Still waiting for an appointment. Dr Muraro was meant to see me early April but he went on sabbatical. I was meant to be seen within a month of this date with another MS specialist but appointment not transpired. After months of waiting I was then told two extra clinics were being set up to accommodate the overspill Dr Muraro leaving has caused. Now over six weeks since this conversation I’m told by the doctors secreatry that he’d heard something like this was meant to happen but of course no clinics yet.

I’m completely appalled that despite the fact they knew Dr Muraro was meant to leave in Feb nothing was put in place for all his patients. It’s almost 4 months since I was meant to be seen for my six month review. I work for the NHS so I know this is completely wrong. Got very frustrated now - thankfully I have been fairly okay but I haven’t been symptoms free and have had new things happen since last oct which need to be documented as I don’t have a firm diagnosis only ?MS.

Anyway raised it with PALS and it’s going through the complaints procedure now and will need investigating. I have demanded that I be contacted for an appointment by the end of this week so lets see what happens.

It really just isn’t on. Is anyone else in a similar situation with Charring Cross?



Hi. Had been wondering about you. Sorry to hear its not been plain sailing. Cant comment about the apalling way you have been treated but just wanted to say hi and welcome back. Angela x

Hi Reemz good to hear from you but not in the way in which we have. Hopefully now you are in contact with PALS things will get done quicker as generally they tend to take charge. Have you heard from the hospital with a date yet? Did your consultant have secretary as it may be useful phoning them or the neurology department and see if you can be transferred to another consultant urgently. I’m under Dr Nicholas as charing cross and he’s amazing!!

Thanks Angela - thanks for the welcome back :slight_smile:

Hope I make some headway with appointments - I could have just got referred again at this rate!

How are you?


Still not heard with a date - it’s alright I will kick up a fuss if one does not materialise in the next week.

Dr Muraro’s secretary has been moved to cover other things. It’s Dr Nicholas and Dr Malik who are meant to be having the extra clinics to accommodate the spill over patients but their secretaries won’t just book you on till extra clinics have been set up - I’ve tried :frowning:

Worse is nobody has even cared to ask actually are you okay - have you rang because something has happened is that why you’re chasing your appointment.

The consultants have a fab reputation - I think the management at Charring Cross is absolutely terrible though - I really am appalled. I wonder what all his other patients are doing.

How are things with you?



Things are ok - diagnosed officially with lupus and rrms- starting rebif just waiting for it all to be put in place