YAY, starting again from scratch - which is the best hospital out of...

Stoke Mandeville, High Wycombe, Basingstoke, King Edward VII (Windsor) or Wexham Park for neurology? Anybody have any experience of any of these?

GP recommends a completely fresh start with no hint of it being a second opinion!

I’m sooooo pleased


Personally I would choose king edward in Windsor - I’m under that hospital after choosing that hospital after lots of research and my neuro consultant is fantastic. MRI scans are carried out at heatherwood hospital in ascot so it’s not too far to go to. Also king edward hospital has a really good hospital rating

Thanks Karina - sounds promising - you feel very well looked after and they’re taking you seriously, giving you time etc?

Yeah I couldn’t have asked for better to be honest. I’ve had a lot of things going on and the neuro has been very thorough so that he could determine what was ms and what was something else going on with my body. Not only is my consultant really good but his secretary has been really good too. I have the consultants email address and the secretaries email address and they get back to me pretty quickly with any questions I have had

That’s brilliant - thank you so much, I’ve now booked the appointment for Monday 29th October! Dx

That’s great news. Let me know how it goes x

Deb I think thats brilliant of your GP, I dont know any of those hospitals so wish you well in your choice and keep us posted!

Love Gillx