MS Clinic

Had an app yesterday at the MS clinic following months of seeing a general neuro. The staff consultant and nurse couldn’t have been nicer and really put me at ease. Although not a confirmed diagnose yet myself and my partner both got the impression that is where it is heading. One definate flare up and small white spots shown on brain scan, Was previously told that this scan was clear by general neuro but alas it isn’t. Been booked in for LP and repeat Mri in Jan ( neuro said it needs a length of time between the two scans). Have to take a big dose of vit D and do everything I can to keep healthy - diet, exercise . . . Actually feeling ok about things and I think a definate diagnosis will be a relief although it will probably be some months away. I have a great support network, partner, family and good friends. A massive shout out to Salford Royal for their expert approach. I have got this .

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i agree that salford royal are brilliant.

it’s where i go.

so glad that you have now found a team who you have confidence in.

it makes such a big difference.

carole x

by the way if you are in the manchester area try the ms therapy centre near trafford park

the phone number is 0161 872 9444

give them a ring.

i go every tuesday afternoon for Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy.

Thank you Carole, I am in Manchester so will look into the therapy centre

Although obviously I don’t want to be in this situation I feel very lucky to be under the care of Salford.

Mel x


you’ll like the therapy centre.

a great crowd with lots of nattering, coffee, cake and whatever.

it’s worth a visit to see what’s on offer.

salford royal was rated as outstanding in a recent inspection.

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