Dr Pomery, any info?

Does anyone know a Dr IM Pomery, new specialist at The Walton Centre in Liverpool. Are they a 'he or she, are they nasty or nice, easy to talk to, young or old etc. Would they change on going treatment from the previous (Dr Bogild) previous specialist? Appointment coming up soon for my son


Hiya Jash

Just read your reply to me in your original post-thanks.

I am nowhere near Liverpool.

Your original post caught my eye because I had an *insert expletive of your own choice experience with my ex neuro and know how worrying/fretting it can be if the ‘new one’ will be the same/worse/or better!

Hope you get some replies and your wrists remain pain free! lol

Ellie x

Thanks Helen,

well, at least we now know he is male and not an ogre. Dont know Andy either I’m afraid, my son’s is a female nurse but he doesn’t see anything of her so far.

Hi Ellie,

Seems ok so far, I shall take my big garden gloves off as I am sure I would have heard by now ha! I do remember some real horror stories on the old forum and it’s bad enough what you all have to deal with without horrible consultants etc. making you feel worse. Costs nothing to be nice does it.

Jash x

I know he’s Ian Pomeroy - he’s my new neuro as well since the sainted Dr B emigrated (lucky devil !)to Australia in January .

I think the culture at the Walton centre is that of the good guys so I’d be very surprised if he turns out to be a horror !!!

I think I’ve met all of the MS nurses except for Andy and they all seem okay!!!

If your son’s treatment is working I don’t see why Dr Pomeroy would change??!!

Make sure your son writes down any new symptoms / issues that he wants to raise during his consultation - that 10 minutes can whizz past and be wasted if you don’t go in prepared !!

Good luck with the appointment!

Thanks anu, yes, the Walton Centre does seem to be a nice relaxed place, they are all nice that we have met. He has one more Campath treatment left, I dont know what comes next if anything. The dreaded fatigue is his worst symtem at the moment not sure what he can do about that though.

Thanks for the reply


Hello Jash,

Yes i saw Dr Pomeroy on 15th March 2012 for the first time, I too was a pt of Dr Mike Boggild and like everyone elso thought he would be very hard to replace !

Dr Pomeroy is a very good replacement.

He spent a lot of time with me going over my history, examing me and had plenty of time for my questions.

I was very impressed he is very nice, easy to talk to and knows his stuff.

As well as working with MS pts previously he has also worked in MS Research which gives him an even better insight into our Condition than a lot of other people / Drs.

So, please do not worry about seeing him as you / your son will be very pleasantly suprised / impressed as i was !

I would love to hear what you / your son thought after your visit ?