I think my brother has MS

The last few years have been a nightmare for my brother. Many of his symptoms have been masked by a botched knee operation a few years back, that he has struggled to recover from.

He kept the personal (sexual/ toilet problems) symptoms secret from his mid twenties, had tingling in the base of his spine and persistent pins and needles.

His eye sight and balance have gone haywire over the last few months. His eye is perfectly healthy, but he can’t control it(rolls around) and has blurred vision.

He no longer feels safe to drive and has issues with his ankles, knees and tires very easily.

His brain scan has come back clear and we have decided he needs a private consultation. Any recommendations in the NW would be welcome.

From what I have read Wirral seems to be the best place to go?

His walking is now so bad he needs a power chair. A sunrise q100 r or Ottobock b400 are 2 local options. Which would members recommend. I have no experience with power chairs.

Thanks, Kev

Hi Kev, well in the NW you have The Walton Centre near Liverpool. It is a Centre of Excellence in the UK for neurology. I saw a Dr Panicker there last month who diagnosed me after 22 years.

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Thanks for the reply.

It is amazing how complicated diagnosis is. I was totally ignorant

I’ve booked him in to see (removed by moderator) at Cheadle on the 13th of February.

I’ve read since that Walton is very good. Wondering if I have made a mistake in my eagerness to get him a diagnosis?

The last 6 months have been awful. NHS have been woeful.

Hi again. There is a 6 month wait to see a neuro at the Walton. But after my fantastic experience of them in the last 3 months, I`d say it is worth the wait. But a GP will have to refer your brother first. for NHS or private consultations. When I started seeking a solution to my mobility problems in 1999, I did see a neuro privately, because there was a 10 month wait on the NHS. I saw the same chap on NHS later.