Walton Neuros

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew what Dr Smith from the Walton team is like? I have an appointment at the end of the month with him and was just wondering how scary he is. Thanks Angela x

may I ask how long have you been waiting for your neuro appointment?

I’m asking out of curiosity, in September I’m moving to Liverpool and have been wondering how long the whole procedure is going to take:)

Alex xx

I don’t have Dr Smith but I am under Walton Neuro. All the staff I have seen in the MS Team have been great, neuros and nurses. Fingers crossed its the same for you. C x

Hi Alex

From referral to appointment date, it will be 2 weeks shy of 6 months. But this was for a first appointment. I would imagine that I was triaged and as I only have sensory symptoms, I was put to the back of the pile. I don’t know how long the normal waiting time is for routine appointments. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck with the move.

Cazhoz - Thanks for that. I am just concerned that I will get someone horrible (have had enough of those over the last 2 years. lol)

ATB Angela xx

Hi Alex Im not under Dr Smith either but under Walton neuro was told it would be 18week wait before I even heard when appt date was but will actually be 13 weeks from date I saw gp to date of my appt and could have been seen 10days sooner if I’d been available then it not being a b.hol. Not sure if its due to triage system I’m being seen sooner as my referral got followed by optician report saying I’d developed nystagmus and head tilt. Ax

Sorry Gel don’t know what he’s like only know 2 from Walton ? 3. Hope it goes ok. Will be thinking of you a fellow Walton girl A

thank you for your replies:)

another thing is: how much does a private appointment usually cost and how can I arrange it? unfortunately I was forced to stop treatment in my home country due to leukopenia and my ex-neuro didn’t write any suggestions on a letter to a UK constultant. I’m in sort of a limbo now and I would like to have the whole thing sorted out asap. Should I contact the Walton Centre even if I would like to have a private appointment?

Alex xx

I enquired about private consultation, just ring neuro secretary and ask. All secretary’s in one office and they can tell you who has private clinics. My neuro is Prof Young and she didn’t have private clinic so I waited. I did have a diagnosis by then but needed to see MS specialist for DMDs. Good luck.


I have an appointment at the Walton centre tomorrow with a Dr Moore, so can’t help with Dr Smith. But if it helps I will tell you what my experience was like later tomorrow, its my first appointment too.

Arwen is Dr Moore one of the neuros you know? I believe that this centre is really excellent for neurological services?

Helen x

No its Dr Silver is one I know through migraines and is amazing due to see him again in 2 weeks. Don’t know Dr Moore let me know how it goes with him/her. Private price usually about £250

Hi Helen.

Best of luck today. Hope it all goes well. Please let us know how you get on.

Hugs. Angela xx