Well been to the gp and got a referral to the neuro I saw for my migraines as he knows my history. Gp said all my blood came back normal. So wanted to know what symptoms were and had I had them before. Explained pins/needles to arms and legs, burning to arms/legs, numbness to feet, crawling sensation to arms/legs, getting words wrong or unable to actually get the word out, , dizzy, falling over, few episodes of stress incontinence. Had all of this a few years ago except bladder problems and in between episodes of just burning ain. Migraines totally resolved on a preventative med. Some days my kids and hubby cant touch me cos it sends such horrible sensation along my skin. Anyway moan over I’ve been referred so may get an answer and the sun is shining X

Oh just out of interest does anyone know how long the wait is to see the Walton neuros?

Good news about the migraines. Also very helpful for your neuro referral - they know that what’s left isn’t migraine-related.

I have no idea how long the wait will be, but I would guess that it won’t be quick - it rarely is :frowning:

You can try calling and telling them that you’re happy to take a cancellation. With holiday season looming, there may be a few coming up. Fingers crossed!

Karen x

Thanks Karen. Migraines gone was a huge relief they were every day topiramate is really like a wonder drug for me. Good point about holiday season and cancellations I must remember to tell them I’ll take one if possible. X

I am on the waiting list for Walton. I got a bit impatient and called them and I was told by a super lovely and helpful lady that the waiting time is 20 weeks from when you get put on the list. I asked to go on the cancellation list which she was happy to do and she informed me that they were trying to arrange additional clinics to cope.

Hope this helps.

Angela x

Thanks Angela it does. 20 weeks wow! I know I saw one privately in the past from there for the initial appt and even that was about a 10week wait