waiting for gp referal !!


waiting for gp referal to gloucester royal doc martin,has anyone any idea how long i may be waiting,i have been before to him,he left it open to review things,i now have vertigo,double vision,and extreme muscle cramps in my feet and hands trigger finger in one hand and the other my four fingers are being contorting round,as my arches and toes,very painful and unpleasant has anyone felt this,and my face i suffer parathesia all the time,but now semi permanant twitching near my nose and mouth,i had a test with the vertigo,something where thye sit you up,then put you back quickly it makes your eyes move quickly from side to side,but no mri recently with all new symtoms,feel nervy about going back also been diagnosed with fibro since seeing him too,i have been to cbt,helps in a way,but smptoms still with me,just being hopeful nearer some sort of diagnoses and help,severe back prblems, love boz xx

Hi, try ringing the consultant`s secretary. I do this quite often when appts are slow in coming.

Good luck.


hi boz

hope you aren’t waiting too long.

meanwhile invest in some magnesium oil (£5 from holland & barrett)

it’s a spray and really easy to use when my cramps start in the night.

good luck

carole x

hello poll,

my app has come through,i go on nov 13 th,i am scared,but want to go and chat about the other symptoms,and ongoing sypotoms,thankyou love boz xx

hello carole,

thankyou for care and the magneisum spray,i will certaintly give it a try,as they are pretty painful when contorting,bi have my app come through now for nov 13th,i am feeling very nervy about going backk, just hope he can see what is going on,love boz xx