Advice Please!!!

Hi All I really need some advice please, I finished Methylprednisolone yesterday morning. Buzzing/Tingling had calmed down slightly but it is now worse than ever, I’ve also got it in my face for the first time!!! Hands are terrible. Is this normal or should I contact GP tomorrow? I really don’t know what to do. I feel lime I’m drunk!! Amazingly though I’ve got a neuro appt Monday, they rang me yesterday, surprising how they find them when they want too!! Woukd really appreciate some advice. Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah, I think it wouldnt do any harm to.see your gp, they may be able give you something to help. Take care and.good luck. and.of course cant forget (((hugs)))) F.xx

Hi Thanks Yes if it’s as bad as this in morning going to ring surgery!!! Don’t think much sleep is going to be had tonight!! Hugs received :slight_smile: