I've Given In!!!

hi All

I’ve given in today and rung my GP, got put on Triage and was rung back within 5 mins. Wonders will never cease. Got an appt for 11.30!!

Finished steroids on Tuesday, felt full of energy and then came down with a huge bump yesterday.

My face is tingling and numb (I’ve had before but normally goes). I my mouth in corner feels like I’ve been to dentist and had an injection!!!

My arms and legs and back just ache constantly and really hurt, I’ve taken ibuprofen and coding and it’s just not touching it!!

My head feels like I’m drunk, really having to concentrate to write a sentence or speak!

Whinge over,

S xx

Hi Sarah, really hope the doctor could help.

Let us know how it went,

Pat x

Bless you Sarah.I to hope the GP can help you.


Wasnt brilliant appt, said I really needed to wait and see what the neuro recommended on Mon, but did give me some different painkillers to “tide” me over the weekend!!

Will c how they go.

Sarah xx

Gosh my GP prescribed Baclofen without even speaking to the neuro and painkillers.They upped the Amitriptyline without ok-ing with the neuro.

Many doctors do not understand MS and are afraid to prescribe medication.

Fingers crossed the neuro recommends somthing to help,do not leave until he has..