SPC Pain!

Hi SPC folks

I have had a SPC for just over 2 years. It is renewed every 10 wks by community nurses. I turn the catheter regularly to prevent it from sticking. The surrounding area of this open stoma has on occasions chrystalized, meaning the skin protrudes making catheter removal extremely difficult! I use Betnovate cream which is a steroid cream to shrink this protruding chrystalized overgrowth. Therefore it’s AGONY for me when the community nurse remove it.

To any seasoned SPC folk … what do they do to make this procedure bearable?


I don’t have a SPC but understand how painful the removal must be. Could you go to your GP and ask them to prescribe some numbing cream like ameetop (not sure how it’s spelt but they’ll know). You could then put it around the site (you’ll need a clear dressing to put over the top). You could see if that helps. It’s worth a try.
good luck!! I hope that helps

Hi L Yes I am now awaiting call from my GP for a prescription. Over granulation is my problem with SPC removal. You’ve aliviated all my worry!

I’ve had a SPC in for about 8yrs now.

At the beginning I suffered with bypassing, that was because my bladder was trying to reject the SP

I now take one Solifenacin 5mg morning & night to relax my bladder & stop rejection.

I also drink the juice of a fresh lemon (diluted with water & a drop of lemon squash) every morning, this helps to keep my bladder ‘clean’. Since doing both things I’ve never had crystallisation & the SP is always clear when changed every 11/12 weeks & is completely painless.

Hope that helps.